“The fellow-feeling between the two is complex, but it is not hard to see who gets the better of whom. Trump sees strength and cynicism in Putin and hopes to emulate him. Putin sees in Trump a grand opportunity. He sees in Trump weakness and ignorance, a confused mind. He has every hope of exploiting him.” David Remnick (New Yorker editor and Pulitzer prize winning expert on Russia) shares his take on Trump And Putin: A Love Story. A must read.

+ Quartz: Anti-Hillary Clinton books take second, third, and fourth place on the New York Times bestsellers list

+ Editor’s note. A few readers have suggested that my election coverage is biased. I’d like to respond: It is. So is every word and link in NextDraft. My head is the logo. A few more thoughts on this topic: I Think, Therefore I Am (Biased). (And just between us, I can’t wait until this election is over.)

+ And before you decide to run off to Canada, be aware that you might run into a shirtless Justin Trudeau exiting a cave.