“WikiLeaks has endangered individuals before, but their release of the so-called Erdogan Emails was particularly egregious … it included the home addresses, phone numbers, party affiliations, and political activity levels of millions of female Turkish voters. That’s irresponsible any time, and disastrous in the week of a coup.” In Wired, Emma Grey Ellis argues that WikiLeaks has officially lost the moral high ground. (I agree that they lost it, though I’m not sure they ever had it.)

+ Charlie Savage in the NYT: Assange, Avowed Foe of Clinton, Timed Email Release for Democratic Convention. If you celebrate when organizations hack other people’s emails in the name of transparency, then you have to celebrate when they hack yours too.

+ Jeffrey Toobin: “We’ll all be better off if we evaluate e-mails in the spirit in which they’re written — or, better yet, write them off accordingly.”