Not to be outdone by their GOP counterparts, the Dems have started their convention off with chaos and controversy. The Wasserman Schultz emails and resignation (and brief appearance) ripped back open the gash between Clinton’s backers and Bernie’s supporters. From Politico: Mayhem breaks out at Democratic convention.

+ The Sanders supporters will undoubtedly own the first day storyline at the DNC. Polls suggest the vast majority of them will vote for Clinton. But vast majorities don’t always get vast amounts of news coverage. And on Monday, Bernie got booed when he told his supports to help elect Clinton. 2016, folks. 2016.

+ Maybe chaotic conventions aren’t so bad. Even with plagiarism scandals, the uproar on the floor, and lower than expected ratings, Trump got the traditional convention bump.

+ Back in 2004 in Boston, I was part of a group of bloggers who were the first to ever receive press passes to a major party convention. Back then, when conventions were still boring, we were the biggest story of the week. And we even got some decent speakers to show up at our Blogger’s breakfast.