“I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama.” A speechwriter takes responsibility for the plagiarized lines in Melania’s speech. And Trump tweeted his pleasure over the controversy: “Good news is Melania’s speech got more publicity than any in the history of politics especially if you believe that all press is good press!” Hard to debate that at this point.

+ NYT: How Donald Trump picked his running mate.

+ As the convention moved on, focus shifted to Hillary Clinton, as Chris Christie got the crowd chanting “Lock her up” and Ben Carson drew a line connecting her to Lucifer. Ben Carson. Wow. Am I right?

+ Hey, where are all the protesters?

+ FiveThirtyEight confirms what we all already know: There’s Probably Nothing That Will Change Clinton Or Trump Supporters’ Minds. Read that, and then go back to trying to change people’s minds. Because you’re a sick addict who can’t turn away. (Whoops, a couple lines from my diary accidentally spilled into my newsletter.)

+ Yes, it’s true the delegate from Nevada got his state capital wrong, but it’s also true that more millennials recognize Pikachu than Joe Biden. That will change once Nintendo release JoĆ© Go.