Four score and seven years ago (or maybe it was last night), the GOP opened its convention in Cleveland. And by the time the first night was over, almost all of the talk on media (mainstream and social) was about the lines in Melania Trump’s speech that are near perfect copies of those recited by Michelle Obama at the 2008 Dem convention. Earlier in the day, there was a significant anti-Trump revolt on the floor of the convention. So the focus on the speech controversy could be a net positive for the campaign. It’s like I always say. That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

+ Lost in the speech hubbub was the theme of the first night of the convention which was “Make Our Country Safe Again.” It is a theme perfectly timed considering the big news stories over the past few weeks. But as Josh Zeitz points out, “by almost any measure, the United States is safer than it has been in decades. Notwithstanding localized spikes in urban homicides, for the past decade the crime and violent crime rates have hovered at near-50 year lows. And despite the recent tragedies in Dallas and Baton Rouge, the same is true of the number of police officers killed in the line of duty.” How Trump Is Recycling Nixon’s Law and Order Playbook (at a time when there is quite a bit of both).

+ Had it not been for Melania’s copy/paste snafu, Rudy Giuliani’s speech would have been the one making headlines today, both for its tone and message: “You know who you are, and we are coming to get you.” (Last time he said that, all the Squeegee Men disappeared from NYC.)

+ With convention season comes serious polling season. The NYT Upshot estimates that Hillary Clinton has about a 76% chance of winning. And Nate Silver suggests Clinton’s Lead Is As Safe As Kerry’s Was In 2004.