What to Read: “Everyone has a threshold for New Age spirituality. At Spirit Weavers, a highly Instagrammable, sold-out women’s retreat, I hit mine.” Marisa Meltzer takes you inside the world’s chicest cult.

+ What to App: With all the hubbub about Pokémon, you might have missed another cool app to emerge recently. In yet another way to save yourself from your terrible photography, Prisma turns photos into works of art.

+ What to Book: As baseball season enters its second half, why not read one of the truly great novels about a baseball player? (And you don’t have to be into baseball to dig it). Read Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding.

+ What to Learn: Someone asked, “What are the top 5 TED talks that you took away the most learnings from?” And TED founder Chris Anderson answered.

+ What to Stream: Bloodline just earned a third season on Netflix. So this is a perfect time to start your Bloodline binge.