“Her mind is shot — resign!” So said Donald Trump in response to several comments Ruth Bader Ginsburg made about his candidacy, including one in which she referred to him as a faker. While Trump’s tone is more ruthless than most, he is not alone in his opinion that the Supreme Court justice should keep her political opinions to herself. The editorial boards of both the NYT and WaPo have suggested that this time, RBG might have been a little too notorious. And Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern suggests that RBG just risked her legacy to insult Trump.

+ There are two questions at work here. First, should the justice have made the politically charged comments? Answer: No. Second, could she have stopped herself? If millions of other Americans are any indication, that answer is also No. This election cycle has obliterated all historical norms and the public square has been turned into the Friar’s Club. Triumph the Insult Dog thinks the candidates are taking things a bit too far. And obsessing about Donald Trump has become the only thing more addictive than Pok√©mon Go. As I explain in this open letter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is Under the Influence. (And I should know.)

+ Meanwhile, Trump appears close to choosing his running mate.