What to Book: In light of this week’s events, it’s worth trying to make sense of crime on the streets. Ghettoside by Jill Leovy provides a look at the true story of murder in America — from the perspective of police, criminals, and victims.

+ What to Read: Longform has “a collection of picks to help remember a time you might rather forget.” The Longform Guide to High School.

+ What to Stream: Royal Blood is one of the best newish rock bands to hit the scene. The band is made up of only two members, a drummer, and a singer who has totally rewritten the rules when it comes to playing the bass. Here they are playing Figure it Out in a live studio session. Check out this song called Come on Over. And here’s the breakout performance that really launched the band in Glastonbury.

+ What to Doc: Now that Cleveland finally has a championship team, it’s the perfect time to look back at the many past heartbreaks that made this NBA season mean so much. Check out Believeland on Netflix.