“I even considered reacting with negative emoji (social media’s nuclear option), but I just couldn’t make a case for expending the energy it would require to press the outer edge of my right thumb against a metal trackpad that’s never more than a few cenitmeters away.” I think you’ll enjoy my latest post: I Hate Your Facebook Status Update.

+ Nine Musically Talented Game Of Thrones Stars. (There are some show spoilers in here, including the fact that Ramsay is a singer-songwriter.)

+ Speaking of spoilers, here’s one: Aloe Vera is a lie.

+ How PBS created “the Milli Vanilli of fireworks.”

+ Gizmodo: Seeing how sex dolls are made is hauntingly eerie. (And unnervingly enjoyable.)

+ During a Dodger 4th of July celebration, a Bald Eagle was released into the stadium. And then flew out of it. And just kept on flying. (Proving once again that everyone leaves Dodgers games early.)

+ And if you missed Friday’s What Tos — picks for music, books, TV, longreads — it’s right here.