What to Binge: All the EU-related hubbub makes this the perfect weekend to binge watch the Danish series called Borgen. It’s like West Wing meets Copenhagen.

+ What to Book: Steve Hamilton is finally starting to get the the recognition he deserves with his well-reviewed novel: The Second Life of Nick Mason. Order that, but first read Hamilton’s book, The Lock Artist. I couldn’t put it down.

+ What to Stream: Nothing But Thieves is an excellent band out of Essex. And you’re going to love them. You can warm up with the official video for their hit, Trip Switch, then move on to a live version of Itch. And if you are so moved, here’s their full set from the PinkPop festival.

+ What to Geek: Tired of dragging your glasses to a restaurant just so you can read the menu without turning on your iPhone light? Grab a pair (or two) of these ThinOptics stick anywhere reading glasses. They fit into a flat case that sticks to your mobile phone. I love mine (even though I’m nowhere near old enough to need them.)