The story of Brexit has so many characters and plot twists that even George RR Martin is lost. Now that you’ve had an entire weekend to further confuse yourself about what the hell just happened in the UK, let’s catch up, starting with this fun fact from Vox: The United Kingdom’s narrow vote to exit the European Union, is not actually legally binding. It all comes down to Article 50.

+ The quote heard round the world: “The people have had enough of experts.” From The Economist: After the vote, chaos.

+ WaPo’s Rick Noack visits a town that voted strongly in favor of leaving the EU, but is already wondering if it was the right move. Better decide quickly. Brexit has wiped $2 trillion (and counting) off global stock markets.

+ CityLab: What’s the British equivalent of threatening to move to Canada?

+ The Guardian is tracking the latest, and there’s a lot of it. I still remember when the biggest fight in England was whether or not to let Uber come in.