The debate over AR-15s and other assault weapons finally seems to be inching away from being just another gun control fight to what it really should be; a matter of common sense. In a front page story, The Boston Globe frames the issue and provides an overview on the state of violence connected to these killing machines, what is keeping them on the streets, and who is profiting (whether you are aware of it or not, that might include you). “Greed, legislative cowardice, advanced technology — that is how we got here … There is nothing more American today than a mass shooting.” Make It Stop.

+ After a lengthy filibuster, Senate leaders are negotiating votes on gun-control measures (these are mostly focused on keeping people on the terrorist watchlist from purchasing weapons of war — but at least it’s a start).

+ The family of the AR-15 inventor said he never intended it for civilian use (and didn’t own one himself).

+ MoJo goes inside the sometimes shadowy world of America’s biggest gun makers.

+ “There is too much gun crime in the USA, and high-powered weaponry is too easy to get. That’s the fact. So let’s deal with it. We all have the right to bear arms, but we don’t have the right to buy and maintain mortars. Even if you feel threatened by gangsters or a New World Order. No bazookas, no Sherman tanks, no hand grenades.” Who said that? Bill O’Reilly. At long last, we’re getting some movement from both sides of the aisle. Let’s hope this means our AR-15 minutes of fame are finally up.

+ Full disclosure on my personal connection to guns. I’m here because of one.