“Davontae Sanford was released Wednesday from prison after serving nine years for a murder to which he confessed, but the state now doubts he committed.” The Atlantic’s J. Weston Phippen on a story that is representative of a broad trend: How an Innocent Teenager Confessed to Murder.

+ “It was a century-long marriage made in heaven, as start-up department stores and start-up newspapers fed each other, and both became wealthy. Now, once again, their fortunes are fused — as both suffer epochal declines.” Politico’s Ken Doctor on The Macy’s Factor.

+ “Who helps wounded veterans? Adele Levine shares her experience working with military amputees as a physical therapist at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.” From The War Horse: The Man With Half A Head.

+ “I spend thousands of dollars on nostalgic toy horses. When I finally opened up to my husband about my hush-hush habit, it actually brought us closer together.” From Narratively: How I learned to stop worrying and embrace my My Little Pony obsession. (As of this week, I have two dogs and three cats. At this point, a toy pet fetish would come as a relief.)