“Data shows that the vehicle was traveling at 6 mph when the accelerator pedal was abruptly increased to 100 percent … Consistent with the driver’s actions, the vehicle applied torque and accelerated as instructed.” Last week, a guy who got into an accident while driving his Tesla tried to blame the car. But the connected car knew, and shared, the truth. Welcome to the future where always-on, always connected software will be the world’s most invasive backseat driver. From MIT Tech Review: Before long, every move you make behind the wheel may be recorded and sent over the Internet. I’m OK if my car tells the Internet how I drive, as long as it doesn’t share what I scream with the windows rolled up.

+ “If engineers set the rules, they’re making ethical decisions for drivers. But if a car learns on its own, it becomes its own ethical agent. It decides who to kill.” Cade Metz in Wired: Self-driving cars will teach themselves to save lives — but also take them.

+ “Zee.Aero, however, is just one part of Page’s plan to usher in an age of personalized air travel, free from gridlocked streets and the cramped indignities of modern flight. Like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, Page is using his personal fortune to build the future of his childhood dreams.” While you’re worried about life on the roads, Larry Page is funding a couple of startups aimed at developing flying cars.