“What leisurely plutocrat with too much time on his hands isn’t tempted to throw his energies into some hobby with immediate built-in payoffs, like becoming an overnight expert on the expensive aged cheeses of the world? What better pastime for a wealthy faux-hippie housewife than raising egg-laying hens (they’re adorable!) or learning to pickle the organic vegetables her child is growing at his pricey progressive preschool?” If you’re a bit irritated by the emerging foodie culture, you’re gonna love Heather Havrilesky’s piece in the Baffler. Delusion at the Gastropub: On the foodie devolution. (I found that this article was best paired with either a wooden bowl of artisanal, hand-crafted, farm to table Doritos, or some of that hipster chocolate that turned out to be regular chocolate, remelted.)