“My mother can’t sleep. Night after night, no rest, and it’s ruining her. It’s maybe post-menopause, maybe just old age. Or maybe it’s her desperate anxiety; she never guessed she’d live this long … She tried sleeping pills, but they didn’t work. She takes Xanax, but its effectiveness has waned, and she’s worried that if she starts taking more, it’ll work even less. (Also, Xanax can’t help you relax if taking Xanax is something that’s making you nervous.)” GQ’s Taffy Brodesser-Akner spends one crazy Shabbos exploring the new boundaries of pot, paranoia, and parenting your parents: Reefer Momness. (Luckily, my mom seems satisfied with her contact high.)

+ I call myself a news-addict, but somehow I am a day late reporting that Minnesota now has a Beyonce Day.

+ Baby Carrots are not really baby carrots.