Uber. Lyft. On demand. Sharing economy. These are the buzzwords of a generation. But not the whole generation. According to a report by Pew, 15% of Americans have used a ride hailing service. On one hand, that’s a huge number of people using some relatively new services. On the other hand, it might be lower than those on the coasts and in big cities would have imagined. Consider that “about twice as many people have never even heard of these services as have actually used one.” That’s a reality check for folks who live in a screen-dominated world. And it’s also evidence that these kinds of companies still have room for enormous growth.

+ A few other stats from the full Pew Report: 61% of Americans have never heard of the term crowdfunding. 73% are not familiar with the term sharing economy (this is probably good since the sharing economy really doesn’t have much to do with sharing). And 89% are not familiar with the term gig economy. (Giggity.)

+ Consumerist: 9 things we learned about how few Americans are regularly taking part in the “sharing economy.” (Reducing a bunch of data or news down to a handy list… Now that’s a modern service that we’re all familiar with.)