I don’t need a car. We can share a ride. I don’t need an office. We can share some workspace. I don’t need a place to live. We can all live togeth… uh wait, what? Yes, the next phase of the on-demand, sharing economy has arrived. And it sort of looks like a college dorm. “People live in group homes for many reasons, and in many circumstances — think of retirement homes, rehab centers, and communes and kibbutzes. But co-living isn’t just about a living situation. It’s about a specific stage in the modern bourgeois life cycle: the period that sociologists call extended adolescence.” I’m adolescent in most ways, but this? No. Seriously, no. The threat of this kind of co-living makes me want to build a moat around my house. But as The New Yorker’s Lizzie Widdicombe found out, many Millennials are perfectly happy being together.