OK, we’re gonna go a little inside baseball on a media topic, but I think it’s worthwhile. Last week, the NYT published a lengthy profile of Ben Rhodes, the aspiring novelist who became Obama’s foreign-policy guru. The piece — which focused on the selling of the Iran deal — by David Samuels had some amazing quotes and was widely read. But to really get a full understanding of the article, you have to know a little more about Rhodes, a little more about his position in the White House, and a little (or a lot) more about David Samuels. First from Slate’s Fred Kaplan: Ben Rhodes Needs Some Fresh Air. And from one of the journalists maligned in the piece, The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg: Here’s what the New York Times Magazine’s story gets wrong. This is a really interesting back and forth and sheds some additional light on an important topic. But that’s not why I’m linking to it. I just want you to consider all the backstory and additional information you don’t have when reading most major news features.