Trump Gets Renewed

Cruz has dropped out. Kasich is suspending his campaign. And with that, America is assured of at least one more season of television’s biggest hit: Trump. Season one of the show was panned by GOP insiders, party activists, deep-pocketed donors, and billions of words in millions of think-pieces. But nothing could temper the viewer support for Trump’s highest-rated episodes like, Oh, They’ll Pay For That Wall, Little Marco Goes Home, Chris Christie’s Stockholm Syndrome Eyes, Small Hands Can Change the World, Low Energy Jeb and the Missing $130 Million, and the special two-part Ramadan special: Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner.” Also renewed for the Summer, Pundit: The show where experts who have been wildly wrong about every aspect of this election will tell you what to expect next.

+ The Atlantic: “Where were you the night Donald Trump killed the Republican Party as we knew it? Trump was right where he belonged: in the gilt-draped skyscraper with his name on it, Trump Tower in Manhattan, basking in the glory of his final, definitive victory.”

+ Ironically, Trump may have gotten his key surge when party insiders threatened to give the nomination to a candidate with fewer votes. Of course, that’s just a guess. No one knows anything about campaigns anymore.

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