A Tree Grows in the Tenderloin

I need your help. I am on the board of 826 Valencia and we’re raising some money to complete our amazing new center. We transformed a corner liquor store notorious for drug trafficking and criminal activity into a magical space for kids to think, learn and write in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. There’s now an indoor treehouse where there was once a malt liquor display. Help us provide services to more than 2,000 kids in the neighborhood with the last bit of money we need to finish the project. (And now you can have double the impact because the fine folks at Twitter will match your donations up to $20k.)

+ Why should you pull out your credit card? Three reasons. First, it’s an excellent and proven program serving a population in need. Second, I spend four hours a day on NextDraft, and I only ask for the occasional favor in return. Third, 826 Valencia was co-founded by the talented and tireless Dave Eggers. And frankly, I’m sick of the offline genius novelists getting all the cred. Let Eggers and the rest of the 826 crew feel my power and the online force of the NextDraft community. (But of course, it’s mostly about the kids.)

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