Playing Shuffleboard on the Titanic

“Hundreds of workers and passersby gathered to watch, some cheering, as the gleaming white 704-passenger ship operated by Carnival’s Fathom subsidiary pulled into the dock — the first step toward a future in which thousands of ships a year could cross the Florida Straits” If you always wanted to visit Cuba before it was ruined by American tourists, you might be too late. The first U.S. cruise ship has arrived in Havana.

+ Maybe you should change your travel plans and head towards the Northwest Passage. But hurry. It’s getting crowded. From Pacific Standard: Cruising Through the End of the World.

+ And then there’s this, from Bloomberg: Antarctica Gets Hot for Another Reason: Tourists. (I also heard that sunbathing on the Pacific’s giant mass of floating plastic is quite nice this time of year.)

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