We mean it this time. We’ve identified the real person known as Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. And his name is Craig. From the BBC, Australian Craig Wright claims to be Bitcoin creator.

+ Now that we know who Satoshi Nakamoto is, we just need someone to explain what the hell Bitcoin is. Luckily, John Lanchester is here to help. And he starts by explaining the meaning of money. (I recently had to do the same thing with my kids at the Apple Store.)

+ Update: We’re actually not that sure this guy is who he says he is. (Oh wait. Did you hear me say my name was Satoshi Nakamoto. That’s so weird, because I said, “Craig.”)

+ And Matthew Leising takes you inside the secret meeting where Wall Street tested digital cash. “By the end of the day, they had seen something revolutionary: U.S. dollars transformed into pure digital assets.” (And then, one imagines, transformed into commissions.)