Road Trip

Cranes fill the skyline, hipsters sip on-tap artisanal iced coffee from frosted mason jars, Teslas and Ubers vie for a chance to merge into sluggish traffic, unicorns roam the streets, and Sunday open houses can require valets to handle the crowds of potential buyers (I really saw this last weekend). The signs of the economic boom are everywhere in San Francisco. But the story of the other America is only a short roadtrip away. “The nation’s biggest housing winners and losers live only 80 miles apart.” WaPo’s Emily Badger heads to Stockton to get a glimpse of life in San Francisco’s long shadow.

+ “In almost all countries, cities have all the economic mass and most of the population, and people are moving to cities by the hundreds of millions.” Six maps that will make you rethink the world. (The more the Internet enables us to work remotely, the more we’re all moving to the same places.)

+ LA Times: Urban population growth and demand for food could spark global unrest.

+ “Today, a job has become less an indicator of where you are going, and more an indicator of where you come from.” These days, the best economics class you can take is geography.

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