Bottom of the News

Here’s a quick update on the way we live now: A German city has embedded traffic lights into the sidewalk so people will know when they can safely cross the street without having to look up from their phones. In California, being an Internet addict might soon get you out of serving jury duty (are there still 12 non-sufferers in the state?). And according to the NYT, Snapchat and others are fighting for your right to take selfies in the voting booth.

+ Paying for your kid’s prom comes later. First you have to front them some money for the promposal. (I still remember the days when we hoped our first love wouldn’t go viral.)

+ “If Leicester hangs on to win the Premiership, my team will have pulled off the most outrageous surprise in modern team sports. The second is that Leicester will have done so by applying scientific management to the least scientific of activities.” John Micklethwait on his favorite team, 5000 to 1 odds, and one of the most unexpected outcomes in recent sports history.

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