Bottom of the News

“It’s a $1,500 outfit that incorporates mushrooms meant to break down a human corpse, cleanse it of toxins and distribute nutrients back into the soil. “I want to propose a different way of thinking about death that moves us toward death acceptance. I think death acceptance is a critical aspect of protecting our environment.” If you haven’t been particularly good about recycling bottles and cans, there’s still time to make amends. You can recycle yourself. From the NYT: Mushroom Suits, Biodegradable Urns and Death’s Green Frontier.

+ Beyonce just debuted an entirely new musical format. And I’m pretty sure we should call it Beyonce.

+ “If Coachella does have one marker of identity, it is clothing. For women, this is a highly specific and much-derided uniform of cutoff denim shorts, long flowing dresses, and culturally insensitive headdresses.” Carrie Battan on the appeal of Coachella.

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