Bottom of the News

“If Jews had realized they forgot the ingredients for decent bread midway through the Red Sea, they would have stopped and turned back.” For those of you celebrating Passover tonight (and those lucky enough not to be), I’ve written up a quick list of things that plague me. It’s part of my process. Let My People Groan: A Passover Tradition.

+ From The New Yorker: The Long, Squabble-Filled, Semi-Arbitrary History of Banning Legumes on Passover. After 800 years, Jews can eat a few extra (and critical) foods during Passover. And this is coming from a pretty conservative group. At my reform temple, they might allow bagels…

+ The “Zero Waste” practitioner who can fit a year’s worth of her landfill waste in a tiny jar.

+ Why millennials are ditching bar crawls for juice crawls. That reminds me of a joke I recently wrote: Two hipsters walk into a bar. That’s it. I left at that point.

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