Artist Formerly Known as Weekend Reads

“Concept creep is inevitable and vital if society is to make good use of new information. But why has the direction of concept creep, across so many different concepts, trended toward greater sensitivity to harm as opposed to lesser sensitivity?” The Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf wonders how Americans became so sensitive to harm.

+ “It came out with the first canned soda, the first caffeine-free soda, and the first 16-ounce soda. It was the first to take diet cola mainstream, and the first to stage nationwide taste tests.” It also had a pretty awesome song. From Mental Floss: The Tragic History of RC Cola.

+ “For a dollar per person, visitors can borrow striped shirts and snap selfies behind bars.” Texas Monthly’s Robyn Ross on the weird world of dark tourism: The Draw of Death Row.

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