This election season, we all feel like we have a personal stake in the outcome. But no group of Americans are watching this campaign more closely than those who will have to spend the next several years living with the victor. From Vanity Fair: The permanent White House staff is, understandably, on edge.

+ The harsh truth about speed reading.

+ “If you have worked in the movies, you know that a picture as good as All the President’s Men is a miracle. An impossible conjunction of talent and opportunity, collaboration and ego, trust, power, and luck. And then more luck.” From Los Angeles Review of Books: On its 40th anniversary: Notes on the making of All the President’s Men. You know, Watergate… back when politics wasn’t so depressing.

+ It “is meant for those who are hoping to improve their posture and flexibility, but have never felt at ease in a modern yoga studio.” Introducing Rage Yoga.

+ Reminder: I’m traveling in Japan through April 15. During this period, I will only be sending a couple editions a week.