Nellie Bowles on a venture capitalist and his “new service that sends girlfriends and wives a present every month for about $70.” Oh yeah, if you’re having problems with your relationship, just ask a tech bro. That’ll fix things right up.

+ My friend Asha Dornfest has turned her excellent parenting blog into an even more excellent parenting book with 134 ingenious ideas for simplifying life with kids. Parent Hacks is so good that I may even have a few more kids. A few days after its release, it’s already burning up the Amazon charts. Get your copy of Parent Hacks now.

+ Need advice? Want to talk? Just a little bored? Well, why not call someone in Sweden? Operators are standing by.

+ We have a new human mattress domino chain world record.

+ Reminder: I’m traveling in Japan through April 15. During this period, I will only send a couple editions a week. With that in mind, here’s an amazing collection of photos of professional women’s wrestling in Japan (which will also give you a decent sense of what it’s been like spending a week with my kids in Tokyo). Plus, a commuter cat takes the Tokyo subway all by itself.