Over at The What, my wife queried the coolest people she knows to come up with two lists that came out great. Kick off your heels and check out these excellent shoe picks. The Shoes She Covets and The Shoes He Covets. One interesting outtake from the research: The dudes were a lot more pumped about shoes.

+ The Guardian: How an ostentatiously ugly Australian boot defied fashion’s laws of gravity. Or, Ugg: the look that refused to die.

+ “When reading emails, do you become the grammar police?” That could tell you a lot about your personality.

+ Scheduling note: I will be traveling in Japan from April 4-15. During that period, I will try to get off a couple editions, but delivery will range from sporadic to non-existent. (Anyone have any connections to help me score some tickets to the Ghibi Museum?)