You Better, You Better, You Bot

I am writing this for humans. I know I’m making some assumptions about you, but I think it’s a safe bet. There’s a chance that in the relatively near future, much of our textual communication could be happening not with humans, but with bots. They’re already creeping up around the Internet to provide support, shopping tips, entertainments picks and much more. The Internet started with browsing. It moved to search. And if Satya Nadella is right in his first big move as CEO of Microsoft, the next Internet wave will be all about chatbots. And Microsoft isn’t the only mega tech company making a big bet on bots. From Bloomberg: Clippy’s Back: The Future of Microsoft Is Chatbots.

+ The Verge: You’ll soon be able to use Skype to book trips, shop, and plan your schedule, just by chatting with Cortana. That all sounds good. But honestly, I just want to talk.

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