“It was spotted dozens of miles from the storm. They hadn’t seen anything like it; it hadn’t happened like this in the last 1,000 years. It’s floating off the coast and it could be toxic or explosive.” Those lines are all part of a horror story made up entirely of front-page headlines from Weather dot com.

+ With all this talk of self-driving cars and other connected-car technology, someone forgot to make sure we had decent headlights.

+ I don’t like sitting outside in extremely cold temperatures. And I don’t like fishing. But it turns out neither of those are the reason that I avoid ice fishing.

+ The Boston Globe’s Stan Grossfeld took an infrared camera to the Red Sox spring training facility, giving us the opportunity (for the first time in a couple years) to say, damn, the Red Sox look good.

+ Scheduling note: I will be traveling in Japan from April 4-15. During that period, I will try to get off a couple editions, but delivery will range from sporadic to non-existent.