“Maybe it’s Vogue, but for degenerates, and Phelps is skateboarding’s Anna Wintour.” In California Sunday Magazine, Willy Staley profiles Jake Phelps, who has run the bible for skaters for more than two decades.

+ Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky provides an excellent look into the mind and management style of Jeff Bezos (and his weird idea to enable WaPo users to remove all the vowels from a story). Bezos Prime.

+ “How did countries with disparate histories, languages, and even geographical features — Finland is known for its birch forests, while Iceland is largely tree-free — become lumped together in a single design movement?” Sarah Hucal on how Scandinavian design took over the world.

+ A weekend watch: The folks at Epic teamed up with JJ Abrams to produce a series of short documentaries on the inventors and dreamers vying for Google’s $30 million XPrize.