Behind Stall Doors

Yesterday, North Carolina “passed a sweeping law overturning gay and transgender protections at the local level and requiring students to use restrooms that correspond to the sex listed on their birth certificates.” It all happened in response to Charlotte’s recently adopted nondiscrimination ordinance that some legislators said went too far. (Too much nondiscrimination; that’s a new one.) I’m not sure we need our officials wasting time overturning nondiscriminatory bathroom laws. I have stage fright in front of all people equally.

+ North Carolina is actually fighting an increasingly common legislative battle. One between progressive cities and conservative rural and suburban areas. You’ll see this very clear pattern play out during the general election. It’s not about blue states and red states anymore. It’s about blue towns and red towns.

+ And increasingly, out-of-towners are exercising their muscle. Following similar warnings from the NFL, Disney (and many other companies and celebrities) are threatening a boycott of Georgia if the state passes an anti-Gay bill.

+ Want to understand the scope of the American cultural split? Check out this note from a principal in Georgia: “While we have been practicing de-stressing techniques in many classrooms for years, there have been some recent practices associated with mindfulness that are offensive to some.” Yup. People are pissed about Yoga. (Can’t we try to be a little more flexible?)

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