The Twilight Zona

Frontrunners Clinton and Trump both had decent Tuesdays in Arizona. But things didn’t go as well in Idaho and Utah. So the story’s plot hasn’t changed much. And neither has its potential length.

+ “Given the limitations of statistical analysis, political science and traditional reporting, I reasoned that a hybrid approach using all three could help answer the prevailing question in American politics: Why Donald Trump?” FiveThirtyEight’s Clare Malone tackles the question of the year: Why Donald Trump? (Earlier this week, I gave my take on that topic: The three kinds of Trump voters.)

+ Jeb Bush just endorsed Ted Cruz.

+ As if things hadn’t gotten weird enough, last night, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump got into a Twitter beef over their wives. Which prompted Ted Cruz to lift a line from Michael Douglas in The American President.

+ Tired of all the negativity? Well, then take solace in the fact that Donald loves a lot of things. (A lot.)

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