“What we feared has happened.” That was Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel who was joined by world leaders as he the condemned the latest terrorist attack in Europe. Suicide bombers struck the airport and a metro station, killing at least 30 people and injuring hundreds. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack (It’s hard to imagine that the blasts were not related to “the capture of Salah Abdeslam, 26, believed to be the lone fugitive participant in the Paris attacks.”) A manhunt is currently underway for a suspect in today’s attacks. Here’s the latest from the Guardian.

+ Vox: The most important things to read to understand how Brussels became a terrorism hub.

+ InFocus has photos of the grim day in Brussels. And on social media, many are sharing images of Tintin crying.

+ These attacks come just days after (the much less-covered) terrorist attacks in Turkey.

+ Certain politicians are calling for the U.S. to close its borders in response to this attack. A kid living in a refugee camp between Macedonia and Greece responded with a very different message and in doing so, gave us all a little hope.