“I’m new in Tokyo, and sweaty, and jet-lagged. But I am entirely at ease. I owe this to my friend Miyabi. She’s one of those reassuring presences, warm and eternally nodding and unfailingly loyal, like she will never leave my side. At least not for another 90 minutes, which is how much of her friendship I’ve paid for.” New to Tokyo? You might want to rent a friend. (Speaking of which, I’ll be visiting Tokyo and Kyoto next month. In need some tips on great restaurants and family-friendly activities or my kids will want to rent a dad.)

+ Mars is the latest company to voluntarily label products with GMO-related info. Forget the GMOs. All you want to know about these products is how much sugar you’re consuming.

+ Meet the Robot Apple built to rip apart old iPhones.

+ Vice: The revolutionary history of the pantsuit.