Upshot Creek

My dad constantly argues that the media has essentially created candidate Trump by giving him endless media exposure. The NYT Upshot (a great source, and one that’s often only a few steps behind my dad) has some numbers to back that up — and to make the case that Donald Trump is the Michael Jordan of earned media. No Super Pac, no significant ground game, no problem.

+ Tuesday’s election results meant big wins for frontrunners Trump and Clinton. And the end of the line for Marco Rubio.

+ Do we need a none of the above checkbox? NYT: “There is no analogous election in the modern era where the two top candidates for the nomination are as divisive and weak.”

+ Here’s a remarkable takeaway from Tuesday’s exit polls. “In Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio, about two in three Republicans leaving the polls … voiced support for a temporary ban on entry of Muslims to the United States.”

+ After winning his home state, John Kasich challenged his campaign team to solve the problem of not having enough confetti. The problem was solved.

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