My dad constantly argues that the media has essentially created candidate Trump by giving him endless media exposure. The NYT Upshot (a great source, and one that’s often only a few steps behind my dad) has some numbers to back that up — and to make the case that Donald Trump is the Michael Jordan of earned media. No Super Pac, no significant ground game, no problem.

+ Tuesday’s election results meant big wins for frontrunners Trump and Clinton. And the end of the line for Marco Rubio.

+ Do we need a none of the above checkbox? NYT: “There is no analogous election in the modern era where the two top candidates for the nomination are as divisive and weak.”

+ Here’s a remarkable takeaway from Tuesday’s exit polls. “In Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Ohio, about two in three Republicans leaving the polls … voiced support for a temporary ban on entry of Muslims to the United States.”

+ After winning his home state, John Kasich challenged his campaign team to solve the problem of not having enough confetti. The problem was solved.