“I didn’t have a lot of time to think. I just did anything I could to block it or deflect it.” The father and son who were in that amazing photo from Spring Training talk about their day at the ballpark. If the average picture is worth a thousand words, this one was equal to at least a few sets of encyclopedias.

+ Wired: America’s Highway Fonts Got More Drama Than The Bachelor. That’s a bold statement. Last night on The Bachelor, one of the women explained: “It’s like my tattoo says, ‘You can’t love anyone else until you love yourself.'” (No word what font she used.)

+ Want a metaphor for everything about the way the Internet interacts with society? Check out this story about the time Whole Foods started selling pre-peeled oranges.

+ “Today, the customer has a closet full of various skinny bottoms and she has many, many long tops and sweaters to go over them.” The skinny jeans demise and the death of fashion.