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One of the more raucous days in recent political memory was capped off by a debate that even Friar’s Club roasters found a bit harsh. It was the eleventh GOP debate, and this one definitely went to 11. From NPR: The 11th Republican Presidential Debate In 100 Words (And 4 Videos).

+ This is a real CNN headline. And in fairness to them, it is entirely accurate: Donald Trump defends size of his penis. (The Presidential election has devolved into a adult movie parody of Pinocchio.)

+ And from the New Republic, The Presidential Penis: A Short History.

+ You think it’s hard for you to keep up with the back-and-forth of these debates? “Imagine that it’s your job to communicate those exchanges, in real time, to millions of people who are watching without sound.” (Only some of whom are doing so by choice.)

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