Batman v Super Tuesday

This is an election season that has destroyed the track records of many pundits and prognosticators. (It’s also been nearly impossible for The Onion to push parody beyond reality.) But there might be one place you can count on to predict Super Tuesday and other voting results: Google. It turns out there is a remarkable correlation between our searches and our votes. What’s less clear is why that correlation exists. The NYT Upshot’s Justin Wolfers takes a crack at cracking the code: “Who among us hasn’t searched for reviews of a car, a stereo or a phone on the day of buying it? And if we do this when we’re shopping, who’s to say that people don’t do the same on Election Day?” — Or maybe the search/vote connection proves another adage. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.

+ NPR provides a quick overview on what you need to know about Super Tuesday. FiveThirtyEight has detailed guides to the Republican election and the Democratic race.

+ And the WSJ looks at recent history to determine how soon the nominations will be clinched. (Or in layperson’s terms: When will this be over?)

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