“From two llamas escaping an Arizona retirement community to fashion’s most notorious optical illusion, February 26, 2015, was the day that everyone — everyone — came together online to cheer, then argue.” A year later, Buzzfeed shares the oral history of the day that rocked the Internet.

+ “It seems like a passing thought if only I could be an animal. In fact I think it’s a universal. I remember thinking as child if only I could be a cat, then I wouldn’t have to go to school.” PRI with the story of a guy who attempted to cross the Alps wearing prosthetic hooves.

+ A supermarket in Denmark is trying to stand out from the crowd by selling food that is too ugly or old to be sold elsewhere. (I wouldn’t bet the farm on this one…)

+ Before you strap on that Apple Watch, Jawbone, and Fitbit, consider this new study that suggests that measuring an activity makes it less enjoyable. (Yeah, because before all this tech came along, walking ten thousand steps was an absolute blast.)