“It may go down as one of the least successful campaign spending binges in history.” It’s difficult to overstate the seismic shift represented by the Donald Trump ascendance and the Jeb Bush crater. The situation is even more surprising when you consider the amount of money spent by the Bush campaign. From the NYT: How Jeb Bush spent $130 million running for president with nothing to show for it.

+ “It is a human story about the struggles of one of the most successful former governors in America in his bid to become president, like his father and brother, set against the backdrop of one of the strangest political cycles the country has seen in years.” WaPo on the fall of the House of Bush.

+ Seth Stevenson in Slate: “It sure felt like a last stand. Not just for Jeb Bush’s campaign, but maybe for Jeb Bush’s basic dignity as a human being … Even, one might argue, for the quaint notion of civility in public life.”