Weekend Reads

“It’s hard to know how seriously to take any of it — there’s no focus. Yet the pace of space news keeps accelerating like a hailstorm on a roof.” In Wired Michael Hainey travels to Spaceport, America, to figure out what the ambitions of Musk, Branson and Bezos mean for the rest of us — and for the next space age.

+ “Being in the drone program is a kind of madness that sticks to you and won’t come off.” From Rolling Stone: The Untold Casualties of the Drone War.

+ “Many people are discouraged about America. But the closer they are to the action at home, the better they like what they see.” The Atlantic’s James Fallows reports on his three-year tour of American cities and towns: How America Is Putting Itself Back Together.

+ Danielle Bacher in Esquire: My Autistic Brother’s Quest for Love.

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