Party of One

“With our phones in our hands and our eyes on our phones, each of us is a reporter, each a photographer, unedited and ill judged, chatting, snapping, tweeting, and posting, yikking and yakking. At some point, does each of us become a party of one?” In The New Yorker, Jill Lepore takes an interesting look at how social media is tweaking this election and how it just might blow up our current iteration of the two party system. Is the new populism about the message or the medium?

+ And here’s Clay Shirky explaining how social media has turned Republican & Democratic Parties into host bodies for 3rd party candidates.

+ And yes, that was three tech stories in a row to start today’s edition. Because tech has invaded everything. Every publication should rename its tech section as the life section. (Related: How Trump wins Twitter.)

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