Butterfly Effect

We’ll get to the broader story of the Grammys in a second. But first, let’s focus on the twenty minutes that really mattered. First, TV viewers were given a glimpse of what all the Hamilton fuss is about. And then Kendrick Lamar gave a remarkable live performance. From NPR: For 20 minutes, the Grammys transcended the awards-show blahs.

+ You can watch Kendrick Lamar’s performance here.

+ Here’s a complete list of winners. Probably the biggest snub was that Lamar did not win album of the year for To Pimp A Butterfly. (It’s not that big of a surprise; To Pimp a Caterpillar was also robbed…)

+ The shock of the night was Adele’s pitchy performance that was accompanied by a really weird (and painful) sound. So what happened? A mic fell into the piano during the performance. That’s not the mic-drop we were hoping for.

+ “How VIP do we gotta get?” Speaking of TMZ scoops, how about the time Paul McCartney was denied entrance to a club?

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