New Hampshire voters dealt a serious blow to the establishment of both parties last night. Trump won big. Bernie shellacked Hillary. From The Atlantic: From Flint to New Hampshire, an angry American public is determined to challenge the status quo.

+ “Something that had been stuck was shaken ajar last night.” David Frum argues that democracy won last night in New Hampshire where everything that was supposed to be silenced is suddenly being said.

+ There are many factors at work and we need to remind ourselves that this is still early in the race. But the Trump win was shocking and impressive. And I think it has something to do with apologies. Let’s Talk About P*ssy

+ “The only thing he does know, and he’s right about, is that we’re being ripped off; he says that constantly; and I guess he and I are the only two that really say that.” Donald Trump on the one thing that he and Bernie have in common.

+ NPR: 5 Things That Explain The Results.

+ Chris Christie has drop out of the race. And Carly Fiorina has also suspended her campaign.