Intestinal Fortitude

Puppy Monkey Baby (which I’m pretty sure is caused by drinking Mountain Dew during pregnancy) seemed to dominate the commercial conversations in what proved to be a pretty tame overall effort. Given the nature and target audience of most of the ads, this should have been called Super Bowl 50 and Over. Here’s a look at the best and worst ads of the day from The New Yorker. And here’s Buzzfeed with all the Super Bowl commercials people will be talking about.

+ That quarterback can pitch! A camera caught a shot of him drinking Gatorade in the locker room. He announced plans to down a few Buds after the game. So it makes sense that the first person Peyton Manning kissed after the game was Papa John.

+ And thanks to the Xifaxan’s commercial, that’s twice this week that my intestines have been anthropomorphized.

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