Drinking Bud at Miller Time

This season’s NFL Superman Cam Newton finally met his kryptonite, and it was MVP Von Miller and a Denver defense that put on one of the great performances in Super Bowl history. Denver’s win over the Panthers can be explained by a combination of that overpowering defensive performance and a series of uncharacteristic pass drops and miscues by the Panthers, whose Greg Olsen summed things up: “We picked a really bad day to kinda have a meltdown.” And with that, Peyton Manning (assuming he retires) just limped off into the sunset. (Albeit with a defective championship hat.)

+ Did Cam Newton over-do all of those touchdown celebrations this season? Maybe. Did he under-do his post-Super Bowl press conference? Definitely.

+ Whether you’re into football or not, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the better days on social media. What makes it fun is not the content. It’s the fact that we’re all watching the same thing at the same time. And a lot of us were watching.

+ During the early part of the game, Denver’s Aqib Talib made a few silly errors. Things got worse after the game.

+ In other football news, Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch retired in the most modern way possible. With an emoticon and a GIF.

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